Extending Shelf Life of Fresh Produce

How Perfotec Modified Atmosphere Packaging Affects Shelf Life

Modified atmosphere packaging is the most effective – and the safest – way to prolong the shelf-life of fresh produce. This means that it reaches shoppers as fresh as possible. All without the use of artificial preservatives.

When fresh food is packed in film that isn’t permeable, the oxygen level inside the packaging drops too low, resulting in the food entering a state of anaerobic respiration. This leads to decay, and loss of freshness.

On the other hand, when fresh fruit and vegetables are packed in films that is too permeable, the atmosphere in the pack won’t alter enough. This could lead to loss of moisture. This causes wilting, shrivelling and even weight loss.

There is only one way to keep food fresh for longer.

  • measure the food’s rate of breathing
  • match the film’s permeability to this respiration rate
  • this will create an equilibrium modified atmosphere (EMA), which in turn extends shelf life.

Mapflex are recognised specialists in modified atmosphere packaging. We ensure the right films and packaging methods are used to maximise the benefits of EMA.

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