Elon Musk is a man on a mission – to Mars. Before he can get there, however, he has to work out just how he’s going to create a sustainable, life-supporting system in such a hostile environment. The biggest of all his challenges is the lack of water. Well, Elon, here on Earth, we’re way ahead of you!


In 2016, Perfotec, Mapflex’s packaging partner, received the innovation award for best new packaging/processing equipment at the United Fresh Convention in Chicago. The award was in recognition of an innovative technique set to revolutionise the flower packaging industry. Developed in India by Uflex, the groundbreaking technology makes it possible to store, sell and send flowers without using water – while still keeping them fresh and beautiful.


“In collaboration with BloomPost.nl and the Dutch Flower Group, we discovered a waterless solution which allows flowers to be delivered straight to your house through a normal courier because it does not need any water in the supply chain,” says Mr Natarajan Siva Shankaran, Vice President, Flexfresh at Uflex Ltd. “Flowers can stay fresh for almost 20 days without water in the correct storage conditions.”


This kind of flower packaging works not because it’s airtight, but because it has hundreds of microscopically small, laser-created holes. These allow just the right amount of oxygen into the packaging so that the flowers can breathe and stay alive, but not enough that they continue to bloom. As they breathe, they release excess humidity, and this keeps the flowers dry. They then breathe in the hydrated oxygen. Flowers packed in this way go into a kind of forced hibernation, and can happily go without water for up to five days at room temperature, and for over two weeks when refrigerated.

Flower Packaging – Going Waterless Is Right On Trend

Of course, the development of a packaging solution that negates the need for water is not only positive for flower producers, but also for our environment as a whole. Reducing the amount of water needed during the production and packaging of all kinds of goods is highly topical, and there is a growing movement to find ways to do this across every kind of product – from personal care items to household detergents.


Flexfresh™ is available for fresh flowers, from grower to market, in Bulk Liner Bags, Retail Packs and also for Internet Deliveries. Mapflex is the proud supplier of Perfotec MAP in South Africa, and we’d love to tell you more about how this amazing product can keep your flower business, well, blossoming! Please contact us today.