According to recent figures released by the United Nations, average household sizes of fewer than three people are common throughout most countries in Europe and North America. In fact, the latest statistics released by Eurostat show that the average household in the EU comprised 2.3 members, and that almost two-thirds of all households in the region are composed of either one or two people. The most common type of household comprised just one person. The one-person household is also the most common type in Canada, surpassing families, couples without children and multi-generational families.


It’s not surprising then, that single-serve food and beverage packaging continues to grow in popularity!


Of course, single-serve packaging isn’t just popular among people who live alone. It’s extremely convenient for grabbing food on-the-go, popping into lunchboxes and snacking. It also helps with food freshness, portion and calorie control, and food waste reduction.


All of which make buying one a lot more fun!


Benefits Of Single-Serve Packaging

Globally, Millennials are gradually surpassing Baby Boomers as the world’s largest living population, so their consumer trends, habits and preferences are starting to have a significant impact on the way products are manufactured and packaged. Their dominant buying power and prevailing preference for healthy and convenient food is already influencing packaging trends internationally.


Single serve packaging fits in perfectly with the typical Millennial’s busy lifestyle. It’s also more environmentally friendly, and helps reduce food waste – both of which are high on the Millennial’s list of priorities when it comes to choosing products.


In addition, there is a growing awareness and concern among other groups of consumers as to what, and how much, they’re eating. A greater appreciation for the benefits of portion control makes single serve packaging a highly appealing option.


Experts in the industry expect the global demand for convenient, sustainable, and healthy food options, to continue rising. To avoid being left behind, food and beverage producers – and packaging companies – are continually working on innovative solutions to meet those demands.


You can rely on Mapflex to always be at the forefront of changes and innovations in the food packaging industry. You can count on us to provide packaging that is not only convenient for consumers, but that also saves money for food producers by extending shelf-life and prolonging product freshness post harvest. To find out more, chat to us today.