About Us

At Mapflex South Africa, we specialise in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). The beauty of MAP is that it extends the shelf life of fresh food – naturally. All the senses benefit. Food smells better, looks better, and – best of all – tastes better. From harvest to table, everyone benefits. Wholesalers, retailers and shoppers can enjoy fresher food. And it’s a freshness that lasts.

Ongoing Packaging Improvement

Our Mapflex team stays up to date with market trends. We research the latest developments. The result? Our innovative products are making a big impact on the convenience food market. In 2006, Mapflex was recognised by the British Retail Consortium/Institute of Packaging (BRC/IoP). They awarded us their coveted certification for hygiene and food safety. We have maintained an A Rating every year since 2006.

Technical Packaging Services

Mapflex’s range of services and support include:

  • The development of packaging systems for modified atmosphere applications
  • Shelf life extension programmes for fresh and prepared foods
  • Packaging specification development protocols
  • Technical support to food manufacturers
  • Training